HN Chrysanthemum

Whenever I begin to paint, I feel a rush of excitement for an adventure about to happen and a cautious apprehension for what the unknown might bring. If these two strong emotions are in the right balance, a painting stands a good chance of going forward.

For me, painting opens a door for emotions that escape words. Regardless of painting subject, the process of creating paintings inevitably draws the emotional energy hidden from sight and makes it visible, tangible, and shareable. Self-discovery and life inspiration are the promises, and at times the fulfillment of these promises, that make the painting journey so enchanting, and keep me coming back for more.

I am so thrilled to join Taylor’s Collective and to be a part of this eclectic and talented local artist and artisan community. Painting has long been my passion, but until my recent departure from an unrelated professional field, I had only pursued it as a pastime. With more time now, I look forward to giving this passion a chance to grow and spread its wings!


Tel: (301) 388-0791