About Stone House collective

Built in 1900, our building became an annex of Caplan's Department Store in the 1930s and was known as Caplan's Little Stone House. Located in the heart of Ellicott City’s Historic District, Stone House Collective is a three-floor showcase and marketplace for art and artisan wares, high quality antique and vintage furniture, lighting, home accessories, apparel and home accents.

Owning antique and vintage items

Placing vintage and antique items in your home offers you the opportunity to be a keeper of the past: you can preserve, conserve and appreciate these treasures that have survived decades, even centuries, and you can enjoy and learn from their legacy of tried and tested skills, techniques and, of course, their individual stories.

Owning vintage clothing and accessories is like owning a piece of another era. These pieces have been part of many experiences and take on new life with each new owner, and are essentially wearable history.  The quality of these items is incomparable to contemporary renditions and enthusiasts appreciate the superior quality, design and fabric of vintage clothing.



Original artwork allows us to personalize our surroundings and encourages us to take time out from our daily routines to reflect on deeper aspects of our existence. An original piece of art is not only visually pleasing, but it also projects the personality, attitudes, ability and innermost essence of the person who created it. Viewing and collecting art is a connective experience as it brings together the artist with those who can admire, relate and enjoy the piece, while all can express their individuality.


Artisan-made items are handcrafted with quality and careful thought. They are unique representations of their crafter’s creativity and unique flare. Supporting creators of artisanal goods supports small business as well as US-made products. The love that the creator has for his/her craft shines through the finished product.