Mikayla Salmon

A moment is rarely about what is right in front of you. Perception, emotion, and experience change how you watch a moment pass. After, it turns into a memory, it becomes vibrant and it embodies a feeling that is almost impossible to recapture. Mikayla creates paintings that are not about recreating the literal, but rather capturing God’s beautiful and miraculous world in the way she will remember it.

Mikayla shares her art journey on all of her social media platforms. She sells print and originals of her work at Stonehouse Collective, as well as other miscellaneous projects she dabbles in throughout her journey. Mikayla loves to explore new artistic endeavors and is excited to share them with the community.


Instagram: @M.k.micki

TikTok: @micki.mk

Website: Mikaylasalmon.com

Email: [email protected]