Sarah Von Keller: Nifty Vintage Goods

Sarah Ramsey grew up going to estate sales and antique shops with her father and uncle on the weekends but thought little of it other than as a family pastime.

She came to fall in love with the style of the 1950s: bright colors, sleek designs and all things kitsch. She caught the collector’s bug at about the age of twenty, claiming she was collecting things for her future home and planning to decorate only in mid-century modern furniture, glassware, and décor.

As the years went on, she realized her true calling was what she had been doing all along with her father and uncle. When she moved into her own home it couldn’t have become more apparent, as she had collected more than she ever thought. In 2016 she decided to fully commit herself to her passion of collecting, and now selling mid-century modern works. This was when Sarah Von Keller– a nod to Pinup art, and an ode to her grandmother (as Keller was her maiden name), was born.

The shop specializes in glassware, furniture, and décor. All items are unique and period authentic vintage.