Punk and Vintage Goods

The idea of Punk and Vintage Goods started as an online side passion while Sharon was working towards her B.S in Biochemistry in 2014. As her interests expanded beyond her degree, she became involved with soccer refereeing, ultimately reaching the professional level and leaving behind her standard 9-5 lab job in 2020. Not only did this introduce a great plot twist to her story, but it allowed for her to pursue her yearslong dream of running her own vintage and antique bookstore.

Now she strives to find old books a second home where people can fall in love with them and with her new physical shop location at the Stonehouse Collective, she can create a place that evokes joy and nostalgia, where people can rely on a soothing browsing experience through dozens of volumes of lovely editions, gilded edges, old paper, and memories of former owners.

We invite you to pull up a chair while you flip through our books and thank you for supporting small business!