Gourds by Fafa


My name is Trustina Fafa Sabah. I am a gourd artist originally from Ghana who lives in the Baltimore area. A year after my MFA degree in Theater Arts at Towson University, I discovered my love and talent for gourd art after much prayer and meditation, and decided to pursue it.

Gourd bowls or calabashes are an integral part of the culture of the people of  the Northern region of Ghana where my father comes from. Each gourd I make takes me on a different and thrilling journey of love. I  work with the shape, blemishes and size of the gourd to reveal the beauty that may be obscured. Some of the techniques I use include carving, woodburning, patina work and mixed media. It gives me great  fulfillment to know I can make beautiful art from the very material that serves our local communities and I am thrilled and honored to share my works with you.

How to find me online:

Instagram: @gourdsbyfafa

Facebook: @gourdsbyfafa

Website: gourdsbyfafa.com